A simple but effective solution for printing care labels

The textile industry is an ever-growing industry that moves fast! So it’s no surprise that printing care labels for garments should be quick and easy.

The TSC TTP-2410MT industrial printer offers the perfect solution for this application due to its speed and touch screen versatility. Below are some of the key features that make this printer so well suited:

• It is completely standalone
This means that you do not need to link up to a computer when printing your labels. All information can be pre-loaded into the printer’s flash memory for recall using the buttons and touch screen. This makes printing labels even quicker and of course saves room!

• Tailor the printer to you with custom applications
As each person’s needs will be different to the next, custom applications can be created so that the printer works as easy and efficient as you need it to. In the video below, a custom application has been created so that the user can change elements of the label via the touch screen. As with all care labels, elements of the label will change as the garments themselves change. This may be the size, the country of manufacture, the material content and so on. This custom application below has been created and loaded into the printer so that the user simply selects which part of the label they wish to change and then selects another option. This is all done via the 4.3” colour touch LCD panel & 6-button control, making it quick and easy to create a brand-new label.

• Interfaces & options are available should you need them
When purchasing & installing a TTP-2410MT printer, you will have the option of adding a whole range of interfaces and options to customise the printer to suit your needs. In the video below, a cutter has been added meaning that the labels are cut once printed and are then ready to go!

• There will be no wasted time with its high-speed printing
The TTP-2410MT Series is the most significant upgrade ever to the TTP-2410M platform. It features a high technology printhead and a new processor that is faster.

Print Speed: Up to 356 mm (14”) per sec
Processor: 32-bit RISC CPU

• You will have all of the memory you could need
With a 128 MB Flash and 128 MB SDRAM memory, the TTP-2410MT printer has all of the storage space you could need. With the printer being so great for custom applications, a large memory space is vital and the TSC defiantly has that covered!


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