Travel & Leisure

Whether you’re managing a ticketing service, concert hall, sports arena or any other venue that holds regular events, barcode technology can be utilized for your specific business applications.

For example, by barcoding your tickets, you can track ticket sales and admittance, as well as improve security at your event. These types of barcodes can also be used for flight ticket, clothing tags, ID cards, tray tags and much more.

Alternatively, in an increasingly fast-paced world, making any product mobile is sure to give it a boost in sales. And, one of the latest mobile applications to develop has been making barcodes for mobile ticketing. With mobile ticketing, customers will no longer have to wait in long lines to buy tickets to their favorite activities like movies, concerts or sporting events. They can purchase tickets for these events, as well as train, bus or airline tickets, on a mobile device and simply present an image with a barcode when they arrive.

If you are holding a conference or event, your attendees will like want to have some information to take back with them to home or the office so that they can share it with others. Some may even be inspired to ask for more information beyond what has been covered at your event. Rather than handing out a physical reminder of what was covered at an event, forward thinking companies are including 2D barcodes in their presentations and events. When you generate these barcodes, you can enhance your message by allowing smart phone users to snap a quick photo of the code and instantly visit a link to more information on the topics they want to learn more about.

Have you yet to experiment with using barcodes for your Travel & Leisure services? It’s time you discover the power barcoding provides for data management and accessibility, cost reduction and improved productivity.

Key Applications:

• Amusement park/theater ticketing
• Wristband printing
• Event admission
• Access control
• Dining-order fulfillment
• Receipt/coupon printing
• Gaming
• Parking lot ticketing
• Multiple-up labels
• Flight Tickets