Mobile Workers

Barcode technology is the perfect solution for mobile workers as it speeds up operations whilst being highly reliable and cost efficient

Mobile printers are used in a huge range of applications where labels, tickets or receipts need to be printed on the move. This helps to increase employee productivity and accuracy as labels can be printed on site as required and saves the user from having to run back and forth to a stationary printer. Mobile printers are also used in a wide range of mobile applications by despatch couriers, traffic wardens for parking tickets, police for speeding tickets, hire car companies for issuing receipts and hundreds of other similar applications. With the increasingly competitive and efficient warehouse, manufacturing, and retail environments, mobile printers help deliver measurable ROI (return on investment) in worker productivity, errors reduction, and best-of-practice operations streamlining.

Due to the fact that these printers are used in mobile environments they need to be rugged, offer good battery life and high performance capabilities. We have selected a range of mobile printers based on performance, reliability and high performance features at competitive pricing.

With mobile printers & scanners, users can complete tasks quickly and accuratley with an affordable product that is sure to make their jobs easier. They provide a direct link to the customer so by making them more efficient with the products they use, you will build customer loyalty by providing a reliable and accurate service.

It is a way of moving forward with business operations & improving customer service by providing workers with the best possible equipment & latest technology.

Key Applications:

• Picking & Dispatching of goods
• Stock Control
• Inventory Management
• Product Labelling
• Product Tracking
• Tickets/Receipts