The manifests, BOLs, AIAG labels, and Parts labels, created for the manufacturing, packaging, and transporting of automotive parts are extremely mission critical. Not to mention that automotive suppliers must adhere to strict compliance labeling requirements.

TPS can support these industry sectors with the complete line of machines designed and equipped with all the necessary devices that make them suitable for the automotive industry and its supply chain:

Key Products/Applications:

• CO2 and Fiber laser markers for indelible encoding: lot number, expiry date, barcodes/2D,pictograms, logos. Directly onto metal and plastic components or the label

Labellers that can be integrated onto any pre-existing line. Including durable labeling applications, using ultra-thin materials and small sized labels

Special applicators for durable, ultra-thin materials and small sized labels, even when set in a recessed position

“Seal” labelling for protecting costly products, even during transport

Systems for labelling electrical and mechanical components and parts of any shape. Integratable with programmable robots to perform “pick and place” operations

Durable labelling and protective lamination systems on labels printed “in house” by the customer. Effective against even the most aggressive mechanical, chemical and heat properties, with removable protection provided during painting operations.

Desktop printers, print modules and thermal transfer coders

Print and apply labellers designed for unit package applications and boxes (including Non Stop and “in real time”). Featuring continuous print quality monitoring, for corrective actions without interrupting production

Linerless Print Apply systems for eco-friendly “print and apply” labelling (linerless labelling)

Print and apply labelling on pallets using optical systems to monitor the shape and counting of packages on irregular pallets