Barcoding technology is an essential component of a lean, agile retail business. Keeping goods moving and monitoring them on their path simultaneously is a struggle for many businesses. The ebb and flow of supply and demand is easier to manage with an efficient barcoding and labelling system and this is where TPS can help.

Businesses of any size or type need a point of sale (POS) system in order to operate smoothly. Whether you’ve been in business for years and are reconsidering your POS system for barcoding or if you’re a new business owner looking to set up your first system, TPS will provide what you’ll need when starting—or restarting—your system.

Barcode scanners
The benefits of barcode scanners in a business are fairly obvious: they reduce errors during checkout and provide an accurate and timely inventory reference. Barcode scanners come in a variety of types, including short-range, long-range and embedded.

Barcode printers
In addition to standard printers for receipts and invoices, by adding a barcode creator to the mix, owners can create labels needed to organize inventory and files, ship items and more. Making barcodes from durable, fade-resistant, heat-sensitive label stock ensures that your efforts at organization won’t be destroyed over time.

Key Applications:

• Price Markdown Solutions
The ability to implement sale markdowns at short notice is a vital activity for any retail operation. As competitive pressure increases, the need to be seen as a ‘good value’ store is essential. Running ‘instant sales’ creates consumer interest and helps to clear seasonal stock and slow moving lines. TPS’s range of sale markdown systems offers a variety of solutions, including two-colour thermal printing, the ultimate in efficient, eye catching labels.

• Promotional Labelling
TPS’s promotional labelling solutions are ideal for added value pricing needs such as multi-buys. Labels are designed and produced to your store requirements and reflect product specifications and your company’s branding.

• Price Labelling
To avoid customer confusion, pricing labels on retail items need to be clear and legible. TPS offers a range of options from simple hand labellers to ultra-portable wireless units capable of high resolution printing in a range of fonts. Combined with TPS’s label design and production capability, these printers are capable of producing outstanding results time after time.

• Queue Busting
Surveys have shown that consumers’ single biggest complaint is queuing when ready to pay. Utilizing portable hand – held barcode terminals and lightweight thermal printers, TPS has developed systems to operate in various store environments. Whether you have RF technology in use or not, SATO has a solution to your queuing problems.

• Shelf Edge Labelling
TPS’s shelf edge labelling products are both convenient and cost effective. Portable means it can be used at the shelf edge. They also boast a ribbon free printing system using thermal card giving a print clarity that is second to none. In addition to a wide choice of fonts, colours and backgrounds can be specified providing you with a distinctive result.

• Stocktaking
TPS also provides database software and hardware for hand-held scanning systems, in order to make your stock take easier and more efficient. Our systems can either be based on a batch collection method, where data is uploaded via a data cradle or based on wireless technology for real time updating of database records

• Hang Tags or Swing Tickets
TPS’s printers can then be used to print any variable information such as bar codes, pricing and size.