In hospitals and medical facilities around the world, instant identification and accountability of all patient-related information is now a universal mandate. It is now a key component in most hospital operations.

For healthcare applications, barcodes are used to improve efficiencies in operation and procedures, as well as correlating numerous vital divisions in the industry such as automation reception, record keeping, the maintenance of reports, case papers for patients, examination of equipment and the quick and accurate management of data. While not flashy, barcodes have provided invaluable tools for medical professionals.
With 99.9% accuracy, barcode scanners provide an essentially error-free method of data entry, eliminating harmful errors that could cause an inaccurate diagnosis or a prescription of the wrong medication.
Because of their reliable nature and ease of use, barcodes continue to improve the way that medical professionals keep records and work with patients. They have become a vital asset for the healthcare industry, providing the ability to quickly and accurately diagnose patients, reduce errors and, most importantly – ultimately save lives.

Key applications:

• Fail-safe Specimen tracking systems & Specimen Labelling
• Logistics and supply chain solutions
• Out-patient queue-busting
• Asset tracking
• Bedside management
• Patient event-tracking
• Patient Identification
• Hospital Admission
• RFID (Radio frequency) solutions
• Security & Access Control

The new ISB1077 wristband specification:

All hospitals should be using the new wristband data standard before October 2013. SATO’s wristband printing application conforms to the ISB1077 specification and is accredited by the GS1 UK Standards Organisation.

How TPS can help you:

TPS offers a selection of high-performance label printers optimized for a variety of healthcare applications, including patient identification, hospital admission, specimen labelling, and security & access control.
With a label printer at your disposal, you can quickly produce wristbands, tags and on-demand labels to monitor ongoing patient treatment, including tests performed and medications administered.
With easy-to-transport mobile printers, you can collect and label specimens at the bedside as well as tracking them – from lab testing to final delivery of results – to maximize safety and accuracy. Label printers also allow you to keep a close eye on supplies, kits, equipment, and other materials to prevent losses and maintain adequate supply levels at hospital stocking locations.
To better control security and hospital access, the printers that we supply let you create encoded employee ID cards. You can also produce visitor and customer badges, on the spot, enabling you to monitor guest visits while expediting customer check-in and check-out.
If you’re serious about improving patient safety and hospital efficiency, TPS has just the solution – a wide selection of rugged, affordably priced Auto-ID products that have earned the endorsement and praise of customers worldwide