ZEBRA Trade-Up Programme

There comes a time where your existing label printer becomes unreliable, costing you a fortune in repairs, as well as downtime caused whilst you wait for an engineer to attend.

Most worrying of all, older equipment can pose a significant network security risk; and surprisingly, smaller businesses are most frequently targeted in this way.

Why risk your network and data security and struggle with the performance restrictions of older printers when you could trade up to the latest technology.

How can I tell if my ZEBRA is due a Trade-Up?

You can Trade-Up from any vendor of thermal printer on a like-for-like basis. For Zebra legacy printers, we’ve made it easy for you with this handy End of Service guide, which not only has the End of Service models listed, but also gives guidance on which Zebra Printer you should Trade-Up to.

Whatever brand you have, trade it in for a brand new ZEBRA Label Printer with great discounts.

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ZEBRA PRINT DNA – Your printer’s built in advantage

Durable printers are essential, but it’s the software inside that keeps your printers in action and working hassle-free. That’s why ZEBRA engineered Print DNA. It’s a suite of software applications and capabilities built into Zebra printers that leverages everything they’ve learnt from thousands of use cases to make sure your printers perform at their highest potential.

With Zebra Print DNA tools and applications, you stay a step ahead utilising remote management tools, heightened security and ongoing updates. Ensuring easy integration and interoperability, Print DNA enables your printers to work at optimised performance over their entire lifecycle, even as your business needs evolve.

Submit to us the following details… Either TPS or one of our reseller partners will get in touch with your discounted price.

    When submitting the earlier form, you are confirming that the trade in printer specified will be disposed of if you proceed with trading up to a new printer in accordance with the WEEE directive. For details on this CLICK HERE